March 30, 2009

Avoid Being Infected Through USB Flash Drives

Nowadays, a lot of portable storage devices are available in the market. CD, DVD, Blue Ray, Flash Drive (USB), name it and you'll find it almost anywhere. No doubt almost everyone has his own storage device, Flash Drive to be specific.

Though it may be very convenient to use one, the truth is it's one of the leading cause of the spread of computer viruses. Computer shop owners are fully aware of this. Some computer shops are spending much on maintenance because every now and then a virus attack damages the system of the computers.

Some computer shops take this problem by forbidding the use of flash drives. This may be a good idea to avoid being infected from flash drives but It's a silly decision for the business. By doing so, you are driving customers away!

Home users do you think your safe from this menace? ? ?

I don't think so. You may say, "There's no possibility that a flash drive would be inserted into my computer because I have everything that I need in a whole set." but there might be instances wherein you have to bring home a soft copy (file) of a project that your classmate did or perhaps a file from work that is needed to be continued at home. In such cases, you would probably be using a flash drive and if the computer where the file originated was infected with a certain virus, the virus would most probably infect your computer as well.

Don't worry! There are measures you could do to avoid, or at least lessen, the chance of being infected.

Here are simple measures you could do:
  • Install an AntiVirus - this is a basic protection that is necessary to every computer. (I use AVG Free)
  • Install Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware - these are not alternatives for AntiVirus but rather tools that aid your AntiVirus. (I'm using Malwarebytes' Anti Malware & SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition)
  • Keep your Softwares updated - not only the softwares mentioned above but also your operating system (windows update). Having an outdated software is almost like not having it at all. Updates are necesary to protect your system from new threats.
  • Disable AutoRun - this is a little more technical but it's definitely important! Some advance viruses run into your system as soon as your device runs, making it more infectious. (Click here for the procedure)

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