June 26, 2011

Tips and Tweaks for Linux Mint

Continuing the Linux Series of my posts, I've decided to create this topic since Linux Mint is the distro that I am personally using and it is also what I recommend to those who are planning to switch from Windows OS to Linux.

Linux Mint installation usually comes with all the applications you would need to attend to your daily computing needs and settings are set in a manner that would somehow be pleasant for everyone. But why not customize it so that it would be a perfect fit to your needs and your personality.

Computer Hardware Quiz

This is in response to a comment made by QualityPoint in my previous topic: "Shifting to Linux".

I've checked the link but I didn't find it to be useful for me (at the moment). Though, there is no doubt that this would be helpful for those who are thinking of going deeper into the field of Computer Hardware. That's why I decided to post it as well.

Here is the link: Computer Hardware Quiz

The quiz tackles details regarding hardwares which includes appearance of certain parts and commonly used stuff. These may be susceptible to obsolescence of presented information specially technology is fast pacing. It would be helpful if a hardware expert try to check the quiz and comment back here and share your thoughts.


The quiz discussed above does not belong to me and comments that I've made are simply opinions based on my knowledge and experience.

June 21, 2011

Tuning Musical Instruments Using Computer

I had a hard time tuning my violin because the battery of my digital tuner was lost. Good thing I found a Linux based instrument tuner -- Lingot. It is accurate and easy to use as claimed by the software.

I have also found a Windows version of it but I haven't personally tried that one. Here's the link:

Please comment here for your opinion regarding the software (specially the Windows version).

Shifting to Linux

Since I was introduced to computer, I have been using Windows OS. As I go deeper into computing, I've heard about Linux and the wonderful things that it can do. Here are some of the things that I like best about Linux:
  • Freedom
  • Secured (against virus and similar threats)
  • Mostly free softwares
  • Flexible (you can customize it from appearance to functions)
There are also different distributions (versions) of Linux that would fit to your needs and technical knowledge. Here is a quiz that might help you decide on which distro (distribution) is right suitable for you: