March 30, 2009

Maximize Online Forums to Your Benefit

New to the computer world? Want to know what is the best software or anti-virus for your computer? Having problems with your computer? Or perhaps, you want to share your knowledge about computers?

Maybe you're one of those who do it old school. Stop using Yahoo, Google, or other search engines to answer your problems. Though search engines may be helpful to gain bits of information from the Web, I don't advice to be use it for answering your computer problems (specially if it involves delicate items such as your computer's registry).

The Web connects you from your computer to the rest of the world. It allows you to access different beneficial articles but at the same time it may also connect you to a lot of poisonous sites. This makes you vulnerable to computer infections.

Here are some tips to make your computer safe and secure on the net. Click here.

Going back to using search engines to solve your computer infections. I suggest that joining an Online Forum is better.

Advantages of Online Forums:
  • You could ask directly to more experienced users and to experts.
  • There are times that the problem of your computer is more than what you can notice. In such cases, careful analysis of processes that run in your system is necessary and this is only done by experts who are trained to do such task.
  • There are also some online forum sites that post info that may be useful for basic troubleshooting or just to learn more on how your machine and you can work together better.
Disadvatage of Online Forums:

By joining Online Forums, you expose yourself to a lot of information coming from different sources. Some of these may be harmful for your system, specially if you're troubleshooting your machine. Wrong Information may make the condition worse.


There are a lot of things that you could utilize by joining Online Forums but by doing so you might also be exposing yourself to unreliable information. The key to avoid this is to choose a reliable site and use your personal knowledge before trusting / trying any advice. Your ample computer knowledge may save your computer from being a mere piece of computer chips. But above all make sure to BACK-UP YOUR FILES before doing anything to your computer.

Here's a Site that I recommend:

I personally use this site and so far I haven't encountered any misleading information. Just take some time to read the basics of the site and everything will go smoothly.

For those who are interested here's my username on that site:

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