May 19, 2009

Be Sure that You're Searching a Safe Site

There are a lot of sites throughout the web. Sadly, most of them are infected or contain malicious downloads. This is a serious threat to those who are surfing through their own computers. This could lead to identity theft, unwanted download of virus or trojans, and a lot more. Sure;y you don't want your computer to "Rest In Peace" lol.

Here are some guidelines to make your surfing safer:
  • Use an AntiVirus Program that has internet protection. (I use AVG Free Edition. Although it does not offer internet protection as intensive as others, it's still quite good enough.)
  • Visit only trusted sites but I know this is a bit impossible. In such cases try to check it here first:
  • Lastly, as they all advise, DON'T VISIT PORN SITES because most of them are infected.
Have a safe surfing!

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